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POWDER OF PHU coconut milk (50g pack)

Dinh Phu My coconut milk powder is one of the priority products used today, by good quality, as well as the safety of the finished product is manufactured.

Dinh Phu My coconut flour - products with good quality

Dinh Phu My coconut milk powder with good material in the selection of Coconut Dinh Phu My company, has brought the natural flavor, aroma pleasing to the customer.

Strive to provide the best products to users, Dinh Phu My Coconut chose the best materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the health safety of users:

Ingredients: Flour Dinh Phu My coconut 50g packet is extracted from the fruit under age, preterm should bring very fragrant scent, very natural for users.
Finished product:
Fat powder Dinh Phu My coconut-fat 50g package 34% + - 2%.

Humidity: Have 2% moisture.

PH: The product has a pH 6, 5- 8.

Colors, flavors: coconut flour Dinh Phu My are white and the aroma of fresh coconut, bring greasy taste of fresh coconut.
Safety: Safety Products with high quality standards of food hygiene and safety.
Packing: In order to facilitate the consumers, the company packed into 50g / 1 pack.

Coconut powder 50g package

The use of coconut milk powder

Stir coconut milk powder and some water then entered for processing into aromatic products

The signature dish coconut milk powder as needed: curry, stir-fried ... more coconut milk in dishes will make beef, chicken, pork become softer, more nutritious and also carries a separate flavors.

Tea lotus seed flour coconut: this is a very tasty dish and nutritious, with health benefits for both cooling and hot summer days. Coconut milk provides a natural source of fat does not cause weight gain helps to absorb the vitamins and minerals you need.


Lotus seed coconut

Besides coconut milk powder was used to make coconut bread, frozen dew, jelly, ... the daily dessert for your family.

Banana ice cream for cool summer days also need materials Ben Tre coconut milk powder. How to make your very mashed bananas, sprinkled them peanuts, coconut milk and add to that the coconut fibers are cut thin, is already having a snack on the whole excellent.

Dinh Phu My coconut powder bring the good in the lives of our customers. Please contact us for providing quality products are light.


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