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Capacity: 1000 ml bottles

 Ingredients: 100% pure coconut oil

Expiry date: 24 months

Product information:

No. virgin coconut oil is extracted by PHU cold pressed method for the highest-quality oil that retains individual flavors of coconut oil, pleasant fragrance, quickly absorbed into the skin, specialized in care health and beauty.


- Scrub the surface of skin, moisturizing and anti-aging.

- Very effective in treating skin wounds.

- Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, acid reconstruct skin protection film.

- Reduce the amount of dandruff, and thick black hair help more.

- Preventing, reducing and treating stretchmarks.


- Face: After washing your face clean, pour a few drops of pure coconut oil palm, facial massage upward direction.

- Body: After bathing, rub all over the body to add moisture to the skin.

- Conditioner: After shampoo & conditioner, pour a few drops into the palm, massage the scalp, incubated about 4 hours then rinse with clear water.

- Spread in all areas stretch: abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks (at least 2 days, smooth massage after the bath).

 * Note:

- Coconut oil will freeze in cold weather (below 24 degrees C)


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