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Desiccated coconut SMALL GRAIN TYPE OF Phu My (200g package)

Have you been eating coconut cake and not feel like? Sweetness fat can make your audio sound enraptured not forget?

Desiccated coconut small nuts 200g - natural flavor

Desiccated coconut smaller nuts with 100% pure natural coconut. Coconut Dinh Phu My company provides customers a variety of large and small volume suit the needs of users dung.Bottom of Form


Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut 200g small type is extracted with the same process components completely good for the health of the consumer:

Colour: Desiccated coconut is produced 200g compact with natural white, bland flavor brings to users.
Quality: With a view to giving consumers the best quality products, should Desiccated Coconut achieve quality standards, is certified food safety for consumers:
- Humidity: Up to 3%

 - Free fatty acid: 0.3% max

 - Oil content: ≥60%

 - E. coli: Negative

 - Salmonella: Negative

 - Aflatoxin: Negative

 - SO2: up to 100ppm

 - No impurities

Packing: As a convenience to customers in the use, Dinh Phu My Coconut products packaged into small packets 200g, for ease of use
Use small Desiccated Coconut 200g for life

A tasty dish is also made from dried coconut meat and coconut milk that is water coconut milk cake. Also how incredibly simple if you are clever and meticulous. For dried coconut meat in a blender with a little hot water and puree. You will have a water solution with 100% pure coconut milk from nature. Since no preservative should not be white color as when purchased on the market. After tightly around the country to make a coconut water, you will be left portion of coconut powder remains. Drying and reserved as delicious cakes and coconut flavor characteristics.


Raw virgin coconut

Coconut Dinh Phu My company specializes in supplying coconut products especially dried coconut meat. Famous brand clients trust and support so much. So we always want to provide better products to consumers.


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