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How to use coconut oil skin care

Coconut oil has traditionally been considered the panacea of women by giving full effect is extremely effective. Let's find out the impact of coconut oil How to face offline.

The effects of coconut oil to your face

In Coconut oil contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin E in coconut oil helps restore damaged skin, reduce tanning and combat the phenomenon of aging due to age. Coconut oil makes the skin of women becomes bright and smooth, along with coconut oil also enhance resistance to cell layer of the skin, bringing fresh, radiant skin , make your skin smooth as baby skin. Moreover coconut oil also works at night lotion extremely good eyes, you only need to apply thin layer of coconut oil and then to spend the night, the next morning you will be surprised with his present home.


Apply coconut oil space

How to use coconut oil lotion

Here we'll show you some ways to use coconut oil for extreme facials effective:

Method 1: Re-create dry skin with coconut oil, using nourishing mask from natural fruits such as tomatoes, potatoes, papayas ... these let you add to it a few drops of coconut oil your skin will provide additional needed moisture, while up coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin it will reconstruct brings dry skin youthful skin, fresh for you.
Method 2: Use coconut oil as skin lotion, before applying coconut oil to your face, wash it off and then gently massaging the skin, a lotion is suitable for all types, all ages, and especially in the winter when your skin dryness, the additional moisture from coconut oil is extremely necessary.
Method 3: Use coconut oil to blur fine lines, apply coconut oil to the area directly above the eye and gently massaging the eye under eye bags section, elected eye and surrounding area around the eye area, Coconut oil will hit tan lines and eye bags on the effectiveness especially coconut oil is suitable for sensitive skin.

Pure coconut oil

The use of coconut oil for face regularly, your skin will be younger, but you need to ensure that the origin is using coconut oil, coconut oil because only a clean, safe, effective new high.

Look to the coconut oil Coconut Dinh Phu My, is extracted from the high-tech, modern and self-contained, this coconut oil is committed to ensuring that your high efficiency, quality and safety for the user true.