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Chè hạt sen nước cốt dừa thơm ngon, béo ngậy

Lotus seed coconut is delicious nutritious dish for hot summer days, the coconut milk porridge ingredients are important, let's learn offline

- How to cook coconut lotus seed

Raw material preparation

 Lotus seeds
 Coconut flour
 Flour dew flute
For coconut powder you just need to follow the instructions written phase outer packaging will gain rapid coconut milk.


Lotus seed coconut
Step 1: Soak lotus seeds about 3 hours, then rinse thoroughly and place in pot with water twice as part of lotus seeds, lotus seeds on fire boil then add a little salt to the software until the lotus seeds must swells the powder can turn off the heat.
 Step 2: Take powder mixed with cold water mist flute, began to fire up the pot boiling until frost flute heavy-handed snails are found to be stirred, so that poured into the mold dew flute and let it harden.
 Step 3: Start the pot to low heat lotus seeds for sugar, coconut milk into the rim until sugar lotus seeds soaked truth
 Step 4: Wait for cool lotus seeds, you bring in coolers, cut into cubes and fog flute surface decoration.
How to cook coconut lotus seed is extremely simple, traditional dish with coconut taste greasy, especially coconut milk provides a natural source of fat to absorb vitamins and minerals for the body.

- Introduction coconut powder

Today, due to the need to ensure nutrients for the body as well as delicious even point, coconut milk is one of the important ingredients in the dish. However for processing into coconut milk feat somewhat housewives should have feared, five arrested coconut milk powder that was established to help the coconut processing becomes simpler than ever end.


Pure coconut milk powder
Tell your friends coconut powder Dinh Phu My Coconut is produced with modern lines, put food safety as the top criteria. Is a powerful tool to help housewives save time, but for the good food, the taste is not altered.

Coconut coconut boots of Phu My Dinh natural white with a sweet taste of coconut fatty characteristics, are manufactured with many different weight: 100g, 300g, 1kg, 25kg. Suitable for multi-purpose use as well as various dishes with incredibly affordable prices, are manufactured in modern production lines, sources are fresh coconut, dried we bring guests source the best quality products, ensuring health while maintaining delicious flavor. Buy Dinh Phu My coconut powder to protect the health of your family.