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Guide how to bake coconut milk powder

Coconut cakes there are many types, diverse and extremely rich. Today we will introduce a delicious cake that is coconut cakes.

- Coconut flour is what?

Coconut milk powder is coconut milk powder is not water soluble. Coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconut lands in Ben Tre, produced with modern lines, closed, coconut powder natural white, greasy taste like you are using fresh coconut so.


Pure coconut milk powder
Coconut coconut flour of Phu My Dinh is produced with criteria to ensure the health of consumers, but retains the full flavor characteristic taste delicious natural coconut, housewives help save time, effort cooking for the family, making family dishes selected you become better.

- Sticky coconut cake flour

Today we will teach you how to make cakes of sticky coconut milk powder delicious, full taste.

Prepare materials:

Part crust
 Glutinous rice flour
 Rice flour
 Coconut flour
Part of filling

 Green beans do not bark
 Salt, sugar
 Coconut flour
Part powdered coconut water soluble we follow the instructions to get the coconut milk. How is the material that is done, we are ready to stop processing.

 Step 1: cooked green beans, place in a blender with a little sugar and pureed. Then give up pan with low heat slug until slightly comparable to the coconut water into. Then wait for cold green beans and small round vo members to press.
 Step 2: glutinous flour, rice flour and salt into a bowl of coconut milk and then kneaded the dough until supple, smooth and is being matched. Then divide the dough into equal portions to make the crust.
 Step 3: Take a small section was divided powder available, vo round and flattened out and then to the green bean on, go on doing so until the green beans and component parts are powder was.
 Step 4: After you are done just for powder compartment autoclave 10 minutes into the chin, for cake decorating plates and conduct.

Coconut sticky rice cakes
So did you get coconut sticky rice flour cakes and delicious.

To save more time you should buy available coconut powder, coconut Dinh Phu My address is selling coconut milk powder quality reputation, do your dishes become more delicious and full taste. Dinh Phu My coconut milk powder was produced in modern production lines, clean fuels, safety, want to bring your family source convenience products, good for health.