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Instructions on how to make tea, coconut semolina

Tea coconut semolina dish is good for summer cooling even healthy. Today we will teach you how to make tea, delicious coconut semolina.

- How to make tea, coconut semolina

Prepare materials

 Was taken
 Coconut flour
Raw materials were prepared we carried out coconut semolina porridge come.

 Step 1: semolina flour to the pot washed, for Pandan to fragrant, then into the boiling water for about 15 minutes, switch off the stove next Pandan picked out, rinse with cold water semolina.
 Step 2: Use a spoon split bowls, forks arbitrary or follow your favorite frame, and place in the fridge in a cool compartment.
 Step 3: We started to make syrup, sugar and water to a boil scraping, pineapple leaves to create a fragrance, to simmer until sugar Rematch.
After work is complete, the semolina syrup dish, coconut milk chan up, decorate mango, strawberries .. as you want. Thus only those simple steps you've got yourself a delicious semolina porridge correct it.


Tea coconut semolina
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