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Advantages of coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is produced from natural raw materials, no toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for the health of users.

- Learn about the coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal from coconut shells are produced at high temperatures, has been the removal of impurities, very environmentally friendly, convenient, clean and safe again can save costs for the user.

Due to the need to use more coal in the household to do the BBQ, but coal is being offered on the market hazardous, smoky and not a guarantee of health. Dinh Phu My Coconut coconut shell charcoal produced from 100% natural coconut shell, is heated at high temperatures, serving consumers coals for health safety. Coconut shell charcoal with outstanding advantage is increasingly unpopular in the family barbecue, outdoor weddings or for a picnic ...


Coconut shell charcoal
- Advantages of coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is very popular because it has the advantages that offers the charcoal or firewood not get:

 Environmentally friendly, low smoke
 High heat, melt into nine food help from the inside out
 No chemicals, no harmful odors
 Health safety
 Ignition fast (only takes about 1-3 minutes)
 Long burn time
 Low price
Coconut shell charcoal Coconut Dinh Phu My of smokeless grill is made from coconut shells for cleaning up the food bearing the aroma of the dish, so characteristic no smoke, no toxic so we can grill food at any where from the floor to the kitchen of your family, you will not get fed up by unpleasant odors for the BBQ again.


Smokeless barbecue
After reading the article above information, we are confident that you have the choice for themselves. Protect your health and your family from the smallest things.

Coconut shell charcoal Coconut Dinh Phu My's commitment to non-toxic, made from 100% coconut shell. We take the health activities of leading customers, so customers can be assured. Get quality reputation and customer confidence as Dinh Phu My Coconut has many items are exported and popular in Japan, America, Korea ...

Coconut shell charcoal Coconut Dinh Phu My of safety solutions in your parties and family BBQ.