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Tea processing taro coconut semolina

Tea taro coconut semolina dish for summer days cool and extremely nutritious. Today we will guide you to make this dish.
- Coconut flour
Powdered coconut milk powder is dissolved with water prior to processing into coconut milk. Coconut flour is white and natural fragrance, the fat in coconut.
Seize see demand for coconut water in growing food, but the creation of manufacturing coconut flour is a bit difficult and complicated, especially in urban areas can hardly afford coconut satisfied, therefore Dinh Phu My coconut powder coconut production to meet the needs of customers.
Pure coconut milk powder
Of Coconut coconut flour Dinh Phu My lips are manufactured in modern production lines, ensuring food safety for consumers, many housewives are confident using. Using coconut flour you can save time, cost and especially food retains the natural taste like pickle juice your truth.
- The tea cooked taro coconut semolina
Prepare materials
 Taro
 semolina flour
 Road
 coconut flour
 semolina flour
For coconut milk powder, you just dissolve with water according to the instructions that were obtained and coconut milk. It's fast and convenient is not it.
 Step 1: is the primary processing of raw materials, for taro then you peel, cut into squares to taste, and then soaked in water to remove the resin. Also semolina soaked with water until soft.
 Step 2: Put the sugar, taro, water in a pot and boil on the fire for about 20 minutes until the potatoes quite soft, gentle stirring for potatoes are not tender. Then continue for semolina and coconut milk in a pot containing just a while ago, continue to boil, then add sugar but obscure port liking and simply scoop out and enjoy really come on.
Tea taro coconut semolina
Note when cooking this dish: the nature of very itchy taro should use gloves when processing.
Such as with a number of actions you can simply get yourself processing taro porridge coconut semolina support roi.Voi coconut milk powder will help you shorten the time taken dish this there.
Rest assured choose Dinh Phu My coconut powder to protect the health of your family, the dough is made from fresh coconut with coconut origins are closely tested, coconut milk powder The US government is committed to health which serve customers, you will be assured.