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How to make tea with coconut flour

Tea with coconut coconut flour is familiar folk dishes of Vietnam. Today we will teach you how to make this dish

Coconut flour

Coconut milk is already very familiar with Vietnam, but with today's industrial life hustle people do not have time to buy the grated coconut and remains squeezed. Thus was born coconut milk powder substitute fresh coconut.


Coconut flour
Coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconuts, which are produced in modern lines and ensure food safety. Although coconut milk powder is processed in powder form but retains the fatty aroma sticks inherent featured coconut. Coconut flour is born invaluable support tool for housewives save time, costs are still cooking the tasty dishes for the family does not lose the original flavor.

Tea coconut flour

A familiar dishes with Vietnamese people, especially today we will teach you how to cook tea buds with powdered coconut milk powder.

Prepare materials

Coconut flour
roasted sesame
Color Pandan
For coconut milk powder, you can be assured it will help you save time rather than using more fresh coconut. You just pour the powder and mixed with water properly directed, so that you have obtained and pure coconut milk. Such materials have been prepared, we begin to implement the standard dishes

Step 1 Knead flour with hot water until a fine powder, coconut milk component to add sugar to the pan to simmer until the powder to match.
Step 2 Vo and press dough into balls up and down, so that the coconut inside as human being and then cover again, similarly to the end just powder, if desired outer crust green, mixed with pineapple leaf color .
Step 3 Boil water and for all to the boil, about 5 minutes the powder was then picked out nine.
Step 4 Wash fresh ginger, crushed and then boil water for ginger and sugar, until the sugar dissolves, then boil the bread, to low heat until boiling is finished and dishes. When decorating sprinkle up to beautiful fresh ginger.

Tea coconut flour
So just a few simple steps can make copies have been porridge with coconut flour. However, to ensure the health of your family, you need to buy powder prestige, quality brands to ensure co food safety.

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