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How to make banana coconut cream tea

Coconut flour is flour made from pure coconut. This article will guide you to use pure coconut milk powder and processed food or coconut milk powder.

- Coconut flour is what?

Coconut flour is produced from fresh coconut, juice extraction and completely eliminates cholesterol, is then spray dried using modern technology with closed chain. Coconut powder natural white, has a distinct aroma of coconut fat.


Coconut flour

Using coconut flour you will save a lot of time you do not have to buy the coconut, grated and juiced boiler aggregate, you just buy coconut milk powder dissolved in water that has been able to use immediately .

- Food is cooked with coconut milk powder

Coconut inherent southern region, in southern cuisine most have coconut water, today we will introduce to you how to make a dish very familiar and simple reinforcement made from powder that coconut dishes: banana tea.

Prepare materials

 Coconut flour
Potato flour, powdered state
roasted peanuts
Raw materials were prepared we begin processing only delicious banana porridge.

Step 1 Peel the bananas and cut into bite-sized circle for, then seasoned with a little salt for about 20 minutes. During that time you also soaked potato powder, powder in warm water to hatch states.
Step 2 Dissolve coconut milk powder with water as directed and coconut milk to boil this section up, slowly drop the banana in, let simmer until soft ripe banana zone, when you boil about 5 minutes of back and forth sauteed background to banana coconut absorbed.
Step 3 Drop the potato flour and semolina into boiling until soft dough, then turn off the stove. Banana porridge was finished, eventually you just sprinkle surface with a little roasted peanuts can be used.

Banana coconut milk tea powder

Due to the convenient features, saving time should have launched coconut milk powder to assist housewives, but you should choose to buy coconut milk powder prestige, quality, unknown origin to ensure health for your family.

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