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Dried coconut crunchy delicious

Crispy dried coconut cream dish with tea, besides it for snacking while watching television, picnic ... Today we'll show you how to make dried coconut meat at home.
- Dried coconut brittle to do

Crispy dried coconut is usually served with tea, vitamins. Also it can be used to decorate the dish, you can decorative dried coconut or crunchy on the sides of the pastry rim in the home, not only aesthetic needs drying coconut crunchy when eaten with pastries also generate characteristic smell very fragrant coconut.


Dried coconut crunchy

Currently coconut crunchy dried sold a lot on the market, to suit the taste of each person with the kind of crunchy dried natural coconut and add flavor.
- How to make crispy dried coconut

Raw materials to prepare for this dish is very simple you just need to prepare

    Sugar (optional)

Raw materials are ready, we began to implement drying coconut crunchy dish:

    Step 1: Get the dried coconut leaves external shells, coconuts cut into 2 again, then chopped up just liking, then pick Apply a layer of shredded coconut on baking sheet to dry coconut pieces stacking competition or lumps.
    Step 2: To have shredded coconut on a baking tray, and place in the oven at 250 degrees F water for about 8 minutes, after removing from the oven you should check that coconut water was not really the end, such a new coconut rice dry and brittle, if you think that is still soft and the water is able to add another 3 minutes until new delicious coconut rice drought.
    Step 3: To Desiccated Coconut in the case sealed, preserved in fresh air. This kind of dried coconut can be used for a long time more than a year and still not lost if you keep in a cool environment.