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How delicious crispy dried coconut

Dried coconut crunchy delicious dish is easy to make, today Dua Phu My Dinh will guide you how to make a delicious crispy dried coconut

- How to make crispy dried coconut

Ingredients to prepare dishes include:

 3 dried coconut
Raw materials are very simple to prepare, after obtaining sufficient material on we start the implementation of satellite dishes crunchy coconut.

 Step 1dung knives coconut wood type in, just type in just spin, this way will help share our copra extracted more easily, then use a knife cut in half cup of coconut.
 Step 2 Extract from coconut meat from the coconut shell out, do not let it be awkward, after paring knife remove the hard crust, brown the meat in the coconut. Then bring this part coconut soaked in lime water in 30 minutes, you will be part of crispy coconut over, while slugs will be more beautiful color.
 Step 3 you will grated coconut portion into long strands, biggish, the best way is that you grated coconut pieces in the direction of her separation.
 Step 4 Once you have finished your cells to fibers to pour sugar marinated with coconut, it is best that you so long about 5pm for sugar dissolves into the water and soak in the coconut, then start up a small kitchen fire slugs , gentle island until periwinkle, dehydration, there is a beautiful golden yellow
Step 5 To coconut out then the tube vanilla and mix well.
After 5 steps on you can make delicious dishes and dried coconut.


Dried coconut brittle materials
- Stores prestigious crunchy dried coconut

Dried coconut crunchy dish is usually served with tea, a bowl of fruit tea or eaten with a little coconut paper is delicious crunchy taste delicious, fresh sweetness of coconut will make you eat more delicious. In addition to tea is served with crispy coconut was dried snacks while sipping work, watch TV, .. it was extremely interesting gift to give to your friends and relatives. However, to make crispy dried coconut also is not simple, if you do not have time to do, buy paper balls at Coconut Coconut Dinh Phu My.


Dried coconut crunchy delicious

Drying of coconut crispy coconut Phu My Dinh used materials from the coconut to, immature, not too dry fruits will be hard to eat crunchy dried coconut. Manufactured under modern lines vacuum drying method will give you a bag of dried coconut crispy delicious, no preservatives, no artificial colors. We are committed to ensuring that your satellite dish crispy coconut fragrant, delicious and hygienic with the most competitive prices on the market.