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How to make coconut oil hair treatment

Coconut oil is considered the capital of this ancient panacea for hair conditioning, work out coconut oil is not difficult. Today we will teach you how to make coconut oil at home offline.

- The effects of coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is one of the very best natural nutrients for hair, regular use of coconut oil will work to moisturize hair, dandruff restrictions, besides it Strengthening of protein, coconut oil was not in lauric acid is a natural antibiotic found in breast milk. When using coconut oil and your hair will have a positive impact, limiting tangled hair fiber, enhancing moisture, help prevent dry hair and split ends, dandruff appears limited and reduced dry scalp condition .


Coconut oil

Because of the practical benefits that coconut oil gives the hair, you need to use right away to improve the condition of her hair. This article will guide you how to make coconut oil hair treatment at home.

- How to make coconut oil hair treatment

How to make a simple coconut oil:

Choose buy coconut oil, coconut type available off the shelf in the old market to ease, choose dried coconut, hard, clean and white for this new type of oil-rich coconut and ensure good oil, then quit coconut in a blender to smooth coconut juice and much more.
Soaked coconut puree and we pick up the coconut soaked in boiling water for 20 minutes and then took all debris filter juice, in order to obtain pure juice is recommended to use the additional time to filter cloth bucket laugh.
After filtering the juice, we started conducting refined coconut oil, the juice has been filtered into the pot over low heat and bring to the boil, stir well to coconut not burnt sharp bottom sinuses, shallow water to see you continue stirring for coconut oil flowing hand. Then you will see coconut layer gradually appear, continue to simmer until the coconut layer until the coconut layer turns brown, then remove from the heat and extract the essential oil distilled dua.a
Nourishing coconut oil slick

So is the processing of coconut oil for hair treatment has been completed, but the implementation stage will be complex and time-consuming. If you are busy with daily work and not much time to perform manually, or use of coconut oil Coconut Dinh Phu My.Dua brand Dinh Phu My is extracted by cold pressing method for the oil , high quality and retains the natural flavor of coconut, we are committed to ensuring the quality of coconut oil you best.