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Tea cooking sweet potato coconut semolina

Tea sweet potato coconut semolina dish was delicious, nutrient-rich. Today we will introduce to you this special dish cooked with coconut milk powder.

- The tea cooked sweet potato coconut semolina

Prepare materials:

 Sweet potato
 Coconut flour
For the use of coconut milk you will save time and processing coconut milk, coconut milk powder just get dissolved with water that you have obtained satisfactory coconut milk. Here we enter the implementation of cuisine:

 Step 1: Pre-processing of raw materials, semolina you soak in cold water for about 30 minutes and then taken away to cook until the dough is poured out again with cold water immersion. Call peel sweet potatoes, cut into squares and soaked with salt to not be blackened, then washed and brought it boiled.
 Step 2 Once the potatoes are cooked, then divided into two parts, one part to puree and sugar to coat soaked with potato puree deu.Phan should remove all files and still mixed with sugar.
 Step 3 Getting up tea pot, simmer, when the tea pot boiling away the potatoes marinated in sugar, semolina ultimately give in, eventually to add flour to low heat until flour is comparable torch.

Tea sweet potato coconut semolina
Coconut milk is mixed with coconut flour we can execute in two ways

 Method 1: Draw cup eating when you are full up to prepare the way tastier when eaten cold.
 Method 2: When preparing to turn off the stove, then entered this way when eaten hot tea.

- Stores prestigious coconut powder

As introduced in the day to cook tea to save time, instead of having to go through several stages, the effort to get the powder coconut coconut born to save time for housewives .


Pure coconut milk powder
Coconut coconut flour of Phu My Dinh are manufactured in modern lines, closed, taking the elements of food safety to the forefront, however, retains the traditional delicious coconut flavor

Coconut coconut flour of Phu My Dinh brings the convenience of your home, helping you save time and cost of implementation of the dish. With prestige, quality is built of coconut coconut powder Dinh Phu increasingly asserted its brand in the market. Looking to buy coconut milk powder Dinh Phu My is that you have found the right address, we operate the brand in the market for health protection criteria at the forefront, seeking input material we choose carefully measurement, customers can be assured.