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Tea red bean coconut semolina

Coconut milk is a familiar component indispensable in the porridge. Today we will guide you to do dishes: tea red bean coconut semolina.

- Introduction coconut powder

Coconut milk powder is a new product on the market today, for mixing into coconut milk. Coconut flour is extracted from fresh coconut, in modern day communication, closed tightly to ensure food safety.

Coconut powder housewives help save time and effort for coconut processing.


Pure coconut milk powder

Coconut coconut flour of Phu My Dinh was produced to provide health for customers, help your dishes and delicious whole family such as fresh coconut. Use of coconut coconut powder Dinh Phu My, you absolutely can rest assured about the quality.

- Where Tea red coconut semolina

Prepare materials

Red beans
Coconut milk powder
For coconut milk powder you just dissolve with water as directed will get coconut milk. Now we started to implement it.

Semolina tea red bean coconut milk

Step 1: Wash the red beans thoroughly, then soak overnight
Step 2: Drain the water, then add to the pot and boiling water to cover the beans are tender until very soft beans down before the access road, the road continues to seep into the fire for each bean.
Step 3: Prepare the flour soaked in water until soft sell and swells of about 15 minutes.
Step 4 Pour slowly semolina in a pot of boiling beans, stir lightly to pass k broken hand, continue to cook until the semolina is tender, then add sugar to taste of your family.
Step 5: Once you've seen just enough sweetness to the pot, then start the coconut milk, corn flour, a little salt over low heat boil until the condensed coconut milk.
Finally is ladled out cups of tea, add coconut milk chan up, decorated and come enjoy.

To shorten the cooking pot of tea red bean coconut semolina you should use coconut flour Coconut trying Phu My Dinh instead must suffer many stages to buy coconut, grated coconut, coconut ... you just squeeze a few steps can simply blending into coconut milk.

Coconut coconut flour Dinh Phu My's commitment to hygiene, food safety is checked closely the production process in a modern environment, coconut milk powder here has been exported and popular in many countries around the world gender, produced from fresh coconut with thorough selection process, coconut milk powder Dinh Phu My commitment to ensuring customers the best quality