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Guide dishes delicious coconut milk powder

Coconut milk is a familiar component additives, today to save more time launched coconut milk powder to help housewives easy dispensing.

- Introduction of coconut milk powder

Coconut milk powder is made from fresh coconuts, sugar helps you easily, saving time in the process in addition to the production of safe, hygienic coconut milk powder also ensure the health of your family.

Coconut milk powder products are rich in nutrients, delicious, closed production environment and packaged in modern, self-contained while maintaining the traditional taste of coconut fatty sticks.


Coconut milk powder
Coconut coconut flour of Phu My Dinh is the first choice of housewives by this product delicious, fat sticks closely to ensure the production process, towards your health and your family.

- Cake flour coconut soup

Today we will introduce to you a delicious dish made from coconut milk is used to treat the whole family on a weekend that's dishes: rice flour cake coconut milk soup.

Prepare materials

 Minced pork, fresh shrimp
 Rice flour bread soup
 Seasoning: sugar, cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, pepper, salt ...
  Scallion, onion, laksa leaves, coriander ...
 Coconut milk powder
Raw materials were prepared, we start making rice cake soup, coconut milk powder

 Step 1: As step process materials minced meat seasoned with salt and pepper, shrimp peeled and chopped off, onions, parsley, laksa leaves, then wash and drain odd then chopped off. Part coconut milk powder is dissolved with water following the instructions we will get coconut milk.
 Step 2: Put the oil in a frying pan then picked out purple astronaut, continues to scallions, fried meat when the meat near the chin, then you continue to stir fry shrimp in a while, then remove from the heat.
 Step 3: Add 1 part coconut milk cooked in a pot of fresh brewed with boiling shrimp and seasoning until the sugar, flour, salt, seasoning on.
 Step 4: Put the cake into the soup pot cook for 2 minutes just as bread soup chin, to add the coconut milk has just now vao.Cuoi leave the bowl and decorate draw cilantro, onions on.
So you were able to accomplish rice cake soup with coconut milk make this simple four-step already.


Rice flour cake coconut soup
To save time in processing coconut purchase, you make use of coconut coconut powder Dinh Phu, still delicious, greasy like fresh coconut without altering the flavor of your dish.

Dinh Phu My Coconut Flour is made from fresh coconuts, produced in modern production lines, the starting material is coconut choose to buy thoroughly, coconut milk powder Phu My Dinh safety criteria set health desired top quality night best to our customers. Buy Dinh Phu My coconut powder boards can save time, cost, while ensuring food safety and hygiene.